Monday, February 9, 2009 Sucks

I made a reservation for 2 nights at a Days Inn. I arrived to the hotel an hour after the reservation was made. And they haven't faxed the confirmation. I got on the phone with their sales for over a period of 1.5 hours and still, they weren't able to send a fax. Then their sales people started to put me on hold for 20 minutes 3 times and didn't get back to me. is one nasty, awful company. Finally some salesperson decided to think of giving me the customer care number. Customer care finally were able to send a fax. So here is the question. How many cheap labor in a customer service center in India it takes to send a fax. is a complete failure!


Unknown said...

They do indeed suck. I booked a hotel on a busy weekend where all rooms were booked. When I showed up- the hotel was no longer there! Their apology? An apology. No rooms, no cash, just a verbal apology. Thanks guys, and now I shall sleep on the side of the road.

Tony said... DOES suck. I had no idea how much until I started searching after they completely screwed up my weekend plans. I needed to vent so I made a special blog, just for that purpose: